Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Here is the car that started me back on the road to car modeling. The Britsh Bomber started as a Tamiya Jag Mk. II saloon that I bought years ago. I mashed it with the AMT Woody Wagon and gave it a RAF colour scheme. You can see it went from a four door to two, chopped and raked. It had a LT1 engine stuffed in and has some serious rear wheels. Some of the super detail work includes a flight scarf on the hood mascot, tons of engine wires and lines, and check out the side pipes with the crosshairs and ignitor tips. The yellow British license plate reads "DAMBUSTR". It sports flawless black and green paint, that won "Best Finish" at the IPMS Seattle show a few years back.

I still love this one but it might go on Ebay soon...lots of crap models get good money, so why not a good one.

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