Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just started working on the latest Theme Rod build. I just can't shake the recent obsession with car models...DAMN! Anyway this one goes along with my other WWII mashups.I'm goilg to cram an Allison V-12 in a 1959 cadillac and give it the B-17 treatment. This one is a little harder than I thought ( arn't they all) but a few days in the shop and I have the chassis set up, the engine half built and the body restyled and shaped.

The hood on this thing is going to be in two parts opening from the center because it's super long (scale 10 feet!). The trunk is going to be all fuel tank, and the car will only seat two! Of course it will be in WWII colors and mildly weathered with MIG pigments and oils. These pics are just pulled from the web... I'll post my own later

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